Maybe this is what you were destined for

Looking down never being happy with what you see

Ironic isn’t it and

Unfortunate because

It’s the only thing you can own entirely


Being asked to change by everyone it seems

Girlfriends try to use reason

Your own mother tries

Pushing gently

It’s for your own good,

Your health…! She might say


Funny because

Just last week the doctor didn’t say

Not one negative thing


Growing up being called out

Too big in all the wrong places

People used to say




Oh sweetie don’t worry,

You’ll grow out of that


No one seems to care what I think

How I feel

I want to love the way I am

But it’s made so hard

When everyone else thinks they have a place to speak

On your behalf


Stake a claim

As if you own me

Your body is a temple

Well the sign outside says SOLD


And guess what?

It’s ME

I’m the highest bitter


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