Alone Together


The world is spinning

Followed by darkness then nothing but light

Next time I can open my eyes it’s like new

I can see everything now

The only thing I can’t figure out is

T o u c h

It seems that

Feeling is a wildly different sensation

Emotions though faint

I still have them

G l i m m e r

One burns the brightest

A lavender glow from the center of my being

It has nowhere to go but out

yet no one I pass seems to notice

W a n d e r i n g

A familiar seeming place

The people all blend together in herds

Like a flock of

( I can remember )


I s o l a t e d

I found one

Who is avoided like me

Although this soul doesn’t glow

I’m being drawn in

S h a d o w

Maybe it’s wrong to follow

But he looks like he could use something by his side

There’s no one who can see me

As I trail through the arching front door

H i d d e n

Up the stairs, a little room

Dark and piled high with even darker things

I want to call it a mess but the lips I don’t have form per-fect instead

F l i c k e r

My lilac glow the only light present

Maybe someday he’ll notice it

When it gleams off the posters on his walls

On the edge of his bed

And the edge of his mind

C e r u l e a n

This luminescence

is only getting brighter with each waking day

A shade closer to blue each time

I can’t feel the cold but lonely is just the same


Stuck walking down this road to ruin

Maybe one day

Some day

We can be more than just

Alone together


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