Weird That

Is it weird that… I like it when you snore   When we sleep Facing away from each other In separate blankets Neither of us are mad Just more comfortable this way Sure it can be distracting Disturb my sleep sometimes   But it reminds me that You are here Right next to me Not…


Taken in Hoboken, NJ – April 29th, 2017  

The Bean

Taken in Chicago, IL – July 29, 2016


The rain began again. It fell heavily, easily, with no meaning or intention but the fulfillment of its own nature, which was to fall and fall. ~ Helen Garner

Oyster & Borble

~ A small oyster and small round bird ~ Dedicated to Tori ♡

Alone Together

C R A S H The world is spinning Followed by darkness then nothing but light Next time I can open my eyes it’s like new I can see everything now The only thing I can’t figure out is T o u c h It seems that Feeling is a wildly different sensation Emotions though…

Josie & Kat

My characters Josie & Kat as seen in my three part fiction series. ( One – Two – Three )


My first painting from around one year ago.


This is the icon I made for my campus’s Literary Magazine, LiT: Life in Translation. The digital magazine can be found HERE

Worth The Buzz

~ Part Three of Three ~ The too-hot water of the shower pours down on me, running over my body and willing me to relax under it. It drenches my hair and I look down to see just a bit of blue running down the drain. I grab the dandruff shampoo that’s sitting high on…